Top 5 Grilling Tips from The King of BBQ!

Top 5 Grilling Tips from The King of BBQ!

The grilling game is changing all the time and we stay ahead of the curve, because what's more American than firing up the grill and serving some good old-fashioned beef?

Our good friend and Grill Master extraordinaire, Nate Cantu, of @cant2_bbq, graced us with his Top 5 Grilling Tips for your summer grilling!

1. Start with a Clean Grill

Make sure your Grates are clean. That's not flavor that's leftover on them. I recommend either using balled up Aluminum Foil or a Wood Grill Scraper. I try to stay away from Wire Brush Scrapers

2. Use quality ingredients

From Meat, to Seasoning & Charcoal... Always use the Good Stuff.

3. Invest in an Instant Read Thermometer

Cooking to feel takes a lot of experience. I recommend using an Instant Read Thermometer when starting out. This will prevent you from overcooking and drying out your meat

4. Don't Squeeze your Meat!!!

Flames are cool, but keep them natural. Never use your spatula to flatten out Burgers or a Steak. That's flavor you're squeezing out!

5. Rest your Meat!

No matter what you cook... Let it rest. The juices need time to redistribute after Cooking. I recommend 5-15 minutes for anything Grilled. If you're Smoking Meat, it can rest from anywhere from 1-2 Hours


Author: @Can2_bbq


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