Why Bumper Daddy?


1. What makes Bumper Daddy more efficient than tongs?

When you use tongs, you end up squeezing the meat. When you do this, you lose all those juices that make the food delicious.

2. Why should you cook your hotdogs east and west?

You eat your food with your eyes first, and you’ll get grill marks that make the food more appealing.

3. Is Bumper Daddy dishwasher safe?


4. Will Bumper Daddy fit on my grill?

Yes it will fit on any grill that has grates, as small as 15inches.

5. How dirty is the back of your grill?

The average barbecue grill contains 1.7 million microbes per square centimeter—124 percent more than a toilet seat, finds a new British study.

6. Is Bumper Daddy a patented product?

Bumper Daddy is Patent Pending.

7. Who is the Bumper Daddy?

Scott Andrus, originally from Ohio and moved out to Arizona. Started his first company in the jewelry industry and is now making grilling easier for everyone.

8. What inspired the Bumper Daddy?

I was grilling one night when my dog hit me and knocked a brat off the grill. I thought to myself, why don’t they make a bumper for the grill?